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January 24, 2018  

Twas the night before Christmas, and Emma & Tess recorded a podcast! Don't worry, there's not much festive talk - Tess has just finished her first year as a school parent and Emma is in the throes of preparing to become one in February. Lots of cusp-of-new-kid-phase Q&As ensued. Plus, Emma read some (many) novels, Tess read a money management guide for people who aren't so cashed up, and they both listened to a new ABC podcast series that speaks to those of us who work+parent while female. Enjoy!



Our Magic Hour by Jennifer Down

Between a Wolf and a Dog by Georgia Blain

The Gulf by Anna Spargo-Ryan

Cat Person the original article (and the explainer Tess mentions)

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape



Sense of Self documentary about Liz Jackson

Search Party

The Crown

Broad City Season 3



Ladies we Need to Talk - the mental load episode

Tell Me It’s Gonna Be Okay

January 10, 2018  

So that short break we took? It ended up being over a year! Such is life when you have small children. But we are back at the mic and have big plans for The New Normal in 2018.

The last time we recorded an episode, Obama was still US president, marriage equality in Australia was still a dream and Don Burke was still best known for being a gardening guru. Many changes, much to discuss!

This episode we give you a quick update on what we've been doing in the past year (in short: changing jobs, becoming school mums, dealing with some Big Things) and what you can expect in upcoming episodes (wonderful guests! book recommendations! political exasperation!).


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January 1, 2018  

The New Normal is BACK in 2018 and here's a special bonus episode to kick off the new year and new season. In August 2016 Emma and Tess invited two former guests - Kylie Lewis and Julia May - to Brunswick's CoWorkCo event space, were we sat in front of a live audience and discussed all sorts of things relating to parenthood, small business, work and life management. The result was a lovely conversation discussing the different ways we arrange our careers and work hours around childcare, how we relax our standards and learn to ask for help, how our upbringing influenced our parenting styles and the highs and lows being a modern parent provide. A big thank you to Kylie Lewis and Julia May for joining us and sharing their insights with us all!


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September 19, 2016  

After a couple of thwarted attempts to get this episode into your ears, we made it! This week Emma and Tess chat about the evolution of feminism in Disney films (and in the world), how to make your kids understand the value of a hard-earned dollar, and have a little (NOT-pregnancy related) announcement. Plus, our recent reads, TV recc's and what to do with a feral goat (seriously). Enjoy!
Books: You'll grow out of it by Jessi Klein and The Regulars by Georgia Clark
Podcasts: Ideas at the HouseHow to Be Amazing 
TV: The Americans, Homeland, The Affair
Article: Why You Should Tell Your Children How Much Money You Make
Documentary: Dis(Honesty): The Truth About Lies 

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August 30, 2016  

Excuse the chewing sounds in this episode, Claire brought cake to share and obviously we couldn't wait to hoe in! Claire Berry's story begins like most of our interviews, with a self-employed mum of two young kids, and then takes a sharp turn when she discusses the (frankly, fascinating) story of having her second child through a surrogate. Claire has a medical condition which prevented her from carrying a second child, so her and her husband went through the process of surrogacy, which was a minefield of bureaucracy, but ultimately led to the safe arrival of her son.

Claire is a medical industry interview consultant and works from home, so we also discuss the joy and despair of working from home with kids underfoot, the added stress of managing a medical condition while parenting, and our very 'spirited' toddlers. 

August 17, 2016  

It's episode 50! And thus we celebrate by recording this episode sans-bras (but remember it's audio only, creepy internet people). As usual we criss-cross the stratosphere of topics and touch on attachment parenting, arranged marriages, polyamory, and learning about Tinder when you've been married for almost a decade. Less click-baity discussion topics include our tips for taking a "holiday" with young kids (read: doing parenting in a different place for a predetermined period of time) and how to get rid of head lice the cheap way.  

Books: Liane Moriarty's Truly, Madly, Guilty and The Hypnotist's Love Story
Book: Ann Lamott's Bird by Bird
TV show: You Can't Ask That on iView
Podcast: Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History
Funny article: The Ugly Volvo - The Difficulties of Trying for a Second Child
Podcast: Science Vs Attachment Parenting
Book: Alain de Botton The Course of Love

August 3, 2016  

Bec Mutch is the lady behind The CoworkCo, a boutique co-working space in Brunswick. She saw a niche for an excellent co-working space that blends the best parts of creative studios, corporate offices and working from home. After beginning her career in luxury goods (fancy!), she began freelancing after her kids were born and struggled to find a decent co-working option, so began her own!

We chat about the highs and slows of starting a business, and have a mini feminism rant about the term 'mumpreneur' (where are all the dadpreneurs?!).

On that note, we are holding our very first podcasting event at The CoworkCo! Come and chat to Tess and Emma, plus our past guests Kylie Lewis and Julia May about all things parenting, business and creativity.

LIVE PANEL EVENT ~ Mums in business: Making it work ~ 2pm, Saturday 27 August 2016 @ The CoWorkCo, 421 Lygon St Brunswick East, Melbourne. Tickets here!

July 12, 2016  

Emma and Tess are back this episode discussing their usual wide range of parenting topics... this time they touch on screen time rules at home (and whether or not shaming mums for using screens to entertain the kids is anti-feminist); how they discipline their preschoolers and what behaviours they're strict about; plus - importantly - who their celebrity couple idols are. Emma also has a whole cookbook to recommend after so many of you enjoyed her cheesy broccoli tip in Episode 42. Show notes as follows!

Celebrity couple idol: The Obamas Plus Impossibly Cute Photos of Barack Obama With Kids
Article: ​Worrying over kids playing with phones and tablets is just another way to shame mothers by Libby Nelson
Book: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson
App: Pocket (for saving articles online)
Book: Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood
Book: Useful by Debra Oswald
Recipe book: Karen Martini's Everyday cookbook (specifically the meatball sub recipe!)
What would a feminist do? podcast by The Guardian
Dumbo Feather podcast
Watching: Orange is the New Black Season 4

June 28, 2016  

​Even if you haven't heard of Martina Gemmola, you've probably seen her gorgeous images. As a freelance photographer (who is married to another freelance photographer!) she calmly negotiates her work life with parenting her young son.

Martina generously shares her story of having a fibroid tumour in the wall of her uterus that scarily tripled in size until it was as large as a pawpaw. Thankfully, everything worked out fine and Martina fell pregnant with no issues. 

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June 15, 2016  

Birthday party planning has been the topic du jour for both Emma and Tess' kids recently, and in this episode we ask ourselves - who is this epic birthday event really for, anyway?  Alongside flipping through the pages of the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book, we've also been reading proper grown up books, and thinking about what we'll do with our careers now and in the future (which admittedly seems very, very far away some days). Find all the show notes and links at our website

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