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April 6, 2020  

So. We know we said last year that we were too busy to keep doing regular episodes of the podcast, but that was before a pandemic rolled into town and our busy social lives (haha) were scaled right back. I mean... if there is ONE THING you want to arrange a playdate with your favourite mum friend to gossip about then isn't it how the world has been, like, grounded indefinitely? 

In this special episode of the pod, Emma has some very cute 5-month-old news... plus we talk out all the highs and lows of staying at home with kids underfoot during COVID-19, as well as our best-of-2019/20 books, podcasts, shows, and more. It's like we never left your pod feed, and also never improved our remote-recording sound quality (soz... we blame the virus). Enjoy!


A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop

The Saturday Paper

The Ann Friedman Weekly

The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

Bruny by Heather Rose

Phosphorescence by Julia Baird

The Cut (online and the podcast)



Fake Heiress

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

The Pineapple Project (Death series with Jan Fran)



Cheer (Netflix)

Sex Education (Netflix)

Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

Tiger King (Netflix)




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May 17, 2019  

All good things must come to an end. Yes, after a hopeful return to the pod earlier this year, the struggle of the juggle has won and we're setting our podcast aside - happy in the knowledge that we had a good five (FIVE!) years in your ears.

From the bottom of our hearts, we'd like to thank all of you who took the time with us to laugh, cry, fist-pump-in-the-air, do kegels, commiserate and celebrate all the highs and lows that come with parenting.

To those of you who we call dear friends; to those who we met through this podcast; to the guests who bravely shared your stories; and to those who simply liked, commented or listened in: THANK YOU! ALL OF YOU were loved and appreciated by us on this podcasting journey. We hoped we helped you feel less alone, or less ridiculous in your parenting overthinking, or at least recommended a good book or show or podcast or a way to get your kid to eat more broccoli.

Of course, we're not disappearing completely.

Here's where we will be now...

Tess' books:

Tess' eNewsletter, Sylloge (good recommends for reads/listens):

Emma's blog:

Emma/Lee's furniture business:

And on Instagram:


Future podcasting adventures by either of us will be announced via the TNN feed, so don't worry about unsubscribing (unless you're Marie-Kondo'ing your feed, which we understand and applaud you for. Digital clutter is real, y'all.)

Big love, everyone. Keep going, you're doing great. xoxo T&E

March 9, 2019  

We're back for 2019, after a rather strange and frequently stressful end to 2018! Yes, both Emma and Tess' spouses went under the knife late last year after sudden yet unrelated accidents (just a few weeks apart!). In this ep we digest the aftermath and take stock of what we learned. And we make up for lost time by sharing our summer reads and TV recommendations, PLUS, yet another (hopefully the last) update to Tess' Paid Parental Leave miniseries.

Tess' Paid Parental Leave (the background and November update)

TNN Episode 34
TNN Episode 40
November update (on Tess' instagram)


Becoming Michelle Obama

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer

The Arsonist by Chloe Hooper

The Lost Man by Jane Harper

The Power by Naomi Alderman



The Dropout (Theranos podcast)



Bluey (for kids)

Barry (NOT for kids)

Last Chance Hotel (on iView)

Friends from College (on Netflix)

Party Down



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November 22, 2018  

Our newest podcast is with Victoria’s Small Business Commissioner Judy O’Connell who has TWO SETS OF TWINS *faints*.

This basically qualifies her to run the whole damn country, in our opinion.

Judy has had a long career in the public service, including as Assistant Commissioner at the Australian Tax Office, where she set up an in-house childcare centre. Throughout her career, Judy has been a champion for flexible work for both mums and dads, and for integrating family life with career.

She also told us all about the cool things the Victorian Small Business Commission does, including help with dispute resolution, tax requirements, mediation and advocating for small businesses.

October 4, 2018  

So we've decided to change the focus of the podcast to be the Leigh Sales Appreciation Society. Just jokes, but seriously we do spend a fair bit of time this episode talking about Australia's leading current affairs anchor and the new book she's written about overcoming trauma. Other cheery topics include breast self-examinations and whether or not our kids should play with toy guns. Happy listening! 


The Nowhere Child by Christian White

Leigh Sales’ interview in Fairfax papers

Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales

Practising Simplicity (blog)

The Mental Load by Emma (not our Emma, a french Emma)


Brooklyn 99

The Americans 

Touch Your Tits 


ABC Kids News Time

Parent hack notes:

BioCeuticals Ultra Potent-C powder is the one Tess' kids like more than other brands


THANKS for the reviews and star ratings on iTunes! xx

September 19, 2018  

Finding a way to turn a creative passion into a profitable business can be tricky, especially when you throw a family into the mix. Enter Maryanne Moodie, Insta-famous weaver and teacher, a magical unicorn who has managed to develop her creative expression into a thriving business and community. 

If you’re a crafty type who enjoys a bit of interiors porn, there’s a strong chance you’ve seen Maryanne’s work. Her gorgeous textured weavings have inspired thousands of people to pick up some yarn and a loom, through her online and in-person weaving classes and her book On the Loom.

 We explore Maryanne’s story from schoolteacher to entrepreneurial weaver, including how she managed moving to New York City for her husband’s dream job with their one-year-old son in tow.

 Maryanne also shares a couple of great parenting hacks, including the toothbrushing podcast Chompers, the bedtime meditation for kid’s Bedtime Explorers.


September 6, 2018  

It's Emma and Tess in your ears again with our recent book, pod and teev recommendations (for you AND your kids!). Yep, this episode we talk about a few kid-friendly podcasts on high rotation at home, plus revel in the wonder that is nature (documentaries). Then, thanks to a great listener suggestion, we discuss our policies on sleepovers and babysitting while our kids are still little. Enjoy!


Teacher by Gabbie Stroud

Ache by Eliza Henry Jones

Lunchlady Magazine*


Wowee Podcast

Married to a Maker

Future Women

Kids podcasts: Wow in the world; But Why; Pants on Fire; Brains On; Smash, boom, best; Story Pirates


Planet Earth I & II

Glow (Netflix)

Sharp objects


*Tess' book Conversations with Creative Women (Vol 3), feat. an interview with Lunchlady's founders Louise Bannister and Lara Burke, can be found at, or your local bookshop :)


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August 21, 2018  

Beci Orpin needs no introduction: her work has been seen on everything from billboards and snowboards to food trucks and books. Beci and her partner Raph (of Beatbox Kitchen and All Day Donuts fame!) have built a creative empire, all while raising their two sons.

Many of our guests are still in the trenches with toddlers or preschoolers, so hearing Beci’s view on the tween and teen years is a balm for our exhausted souls. She describes how it does get easier (hurrah!) and the joy of seeing your kids grow up.

Beci also takes us behind the scenes into how she and Raph manage running their own businesses (tip: keep everything local!); how she designs, tests, produces and writes her books; and why she encourages independence in her kids.

July 25, 2018  

We kick off this episode discussing what's been in our podcast feeds and TV queues, and you'd be right in thinking that recently we haven't been consuming them as an escape tactic from the realities of the big bad world. From The Handmaids Tale (no spoilers, promise) to Nanette; You Can't Ask That to Teacher's Pet; there is definitely a 'theme' to our recommendations this episode (so consider this a content warning!).

But it's not all dark... We talk about our approaches to introducing extra-curricular activities into our kids lives and what we've tried; and share some trusty parenting hacks as well. Enjoy!


Mothermorphosis by Monica Dux

Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee


Nanette - Hannah Gadsby's special (Netflix)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  (Netflix)

Making Child Prodigies (ABC iView)

You Can’t Ask That (ABC iView)

Hidden Figures (film)


Eyes on Gilead and Blessed Be The Fruit Salad (Handmaid's Tale S2 podcasts)

Teacher's Pet

Start Up S7 - Church Planters


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July 13, 2018  

For some, the path to parenthood is relatively straightforward. For others, it is more complicated, but no less joyful.

On this episode we talk to Jen Clark of Jen Clark Design and her partner Kirstie Innes-Will, managing editor at Black Inc. In  2014, Jen and Kirstie decided to help another local couple to complete their family, and ended up in their own modern-day fairytale.

Because life with a newborn isn't hard enough, their first year as parents was shadowed by the same-sex marriage survey, where the entire country passed judgement on the validity of their new family.

Jen and Kirstie generously share their story with us, but it's four women talking a mile a minute at a kitchen table, so apologies for our constant talking over one another!


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