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October 4, 2018  

So we've decided to change the focus of the podcast to be the Leigh Sales Appreciation Society. Just jokes, but seriously we do spend a fair bit of time this episode talking about Australia's leading current affairs anchor and the new book she's written about overcoming trauma. Other cheery topics include breast self-examinations and whether or not our kids should play with toy guns. Happy listening! 


The Nowhere Child by Christian White

Leigh Sales’ interview in Fairfax papers

Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales

Practising Simplicity (blog)

The Mental Load by Emma (not our Emma, a french Emma)


Brooklyn 99

The Americans 

Touch Your Tits 


ABC Kids News Time

Parent hack notes:

BioCeuticals Ultra Potent-C powder is the one Tess' kids like more than other brands


THANKS for the reviews and star ratings on iTunes! xx


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