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April 6, 2020  

So. We know we said last year that we were too busy to keep doing regular episodes of the podcast, but that was before a pandemic rolled into town and our busy social lives (haha) were scaled right back. I mean... if there is ONE THING you want to arrange a playdate with your favourite mum friend to gossip about then isn't it how the world has been, like, grounded indefinitely? 

In this special episode of the pod, Emma has some very cute 5-month-old news... plus we talk out all the highs and lows of staying at home with kids underfoot during COVID-19, as well as our best-of-2019/20 books, podcasts, shows, and more. It's like we never left your pod feed, and also never improved our remote-recording sound quality (soz... we blame the virus). Enjoy!


A Constant Hum by Alice Bishop

The Saturday Paper

The Ann Friedman Weekly

The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

Bruny by Heather Rose

Phosphorescence by Julia Baird

The Cut (online and the podcast)



Fake Heiress

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day

The Pineapple Project (Death series with Jan Fran)



Cheer (Netflix)

Sex Education (Netflix)

Fleabag (Amazon Prime)

Tiger King (Netflix)




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