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May 23, 2018  

While admittedly this episode starts with a requisite debrief on *the* Royal wedding, if you're in need of some high quality TV series' and podcasts to get hooked into while the weather is chilly, this episode has heaps of our recent (or ol' favourite) recommendations. Then we delve into how and why Tess is trying (and so far failing) to make some new local mum friends, and share our friendship origin story, a.k.a that time when we awkwardly met at a cafe having read eachother's blogs and stalked eachother online. Plus we offer some parenting hacks and a few chuckles. Enjoy! 


Every Decision My Kids Made Me Make In One Day
Small Acts of Disappearance by Fiona Wright
Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain by Portia de Rossi


Supernanny (Youtube)
The Handmaid’s Tale (SBS) - no spoilers!
Safe Harbour (SBS)
Love My Way
Seven Types of Ambiguity
The Beautiful Lie


Ladies, We Need To Talk (new season)
The Habitat
Hillary Clinton on Conversations


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