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May 9, 2018  

If this bumper episode sounds like you’re eavesdropping on three friends who haven’t seen each other in a while, then that’s exactly what it is. 

We catch up with past guest Lorelei Vashti (author of How to Choose Your Baby’s Last Name: A Handbook for New Parents) who we first spoke to way back in episode 27. Lorelei generously shares all about her two very different home births, dealing with birth trauma and what help is out there for parents who may be struggling.


The birthing course that Lorelei mentioned is through Birthing Wisdom by Rhea Dempsey.

The anti-anxiety weighted blanket that Emma raves about it is from Calming Moments.

If you or another parent you know is struggling with emotional wellbeing, you can call PANDA on 1300 726 306.