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April 11, 2018  

It seems unbelievable that after 58 episodes, this is the first one where we have deep-dived into IVF. Fertility issues affect one in six couples, and more than 70,000 IVF cycles are performed in Australia each year.

But photographer Jess Reftel-Evans came to IVF for a different reason to most people: Jess has a genetic condition that she didn’t want to pass onto her offspring. She answers all our nosey questions about egg harvesting and HCF levels, and graciously puts up with us exclaiming, ‘Oh my God!’ every few seconds.

We also chat about celebrity pregnancies (Janet Jackson fell pregnant at 50!?!) giving false hope to regular women, maintaining a relationship through IVF and how much parenting is like having a dog: kids eat food off the floor, require a lot of walks and will poo anywhere. Some even require leashes!