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November 24, 2015  

On this week's episode, we sit in Tess' kitchen and chat about our various methods of contraception over the years and what we are using currently (AKA how to never ever have any more babies, ever). We also wonder why kids need to watch TV at the dentist, give a virtual high-five to famous person and fellow mum Kate Winslet, and extoll the virtues of party playlists during playtime.

Show notes:

Pop Pilates (specifically the terribly-named but excellent Bubble Butt Clenching My Booty Workout)

The book I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam

The book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert...

... and the accompanying podcast Magic Lessons

The documentaries The True CostAmy, and Twenty Feet From Stardom

Kate Winslet on social media + kids at The Guardian

​The book Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture

November 9, 2015  

The hilarious Katie Evans had a varied career, including stocking the heavily scented shelves of Lush, to acting on Neighbours, to antique selling, before settling on a career in publishing after being inspired by Seinfeld's Elaine Benes.

Katie worked for eight years at Penguin editing children's books and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is a mum to a teenage girl and a young son, and has recently written a craft book called Little Things for Busy Hands  (although she admits that her own kids are not that into crafting!).

Aside from huge tangents about our Neighbours-watching days and the history of Penguin,  Katie takes us behind the scenes in the world of children's books and publishing, and gives her top tips for keeping your house looking presentable with kids around.

October 27, 2015  

We hate to break it to you, but it is officially EIGHT weeks until Christmas! Our Hot Topic this episode is the monster that is Christmas, and all that it entails. We share how we manage the Big Day, how to deal with the 2704762 presents that your kids will get and the various Christmas traditions we partake in. 

We also despair and rejoice about childcare, or a lack thereof, and discuss an interesting article we both read about the transparency of using a smartphone for daily tasks. Show notes below!

​Motherhood, Screened Off by Susan Dominus

One More Thing by BJ Novak

The Book With No Pictures by BJ Novak

How We Are Hungry by Dave Eggers

The Anti-Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland

Working podcast

The Slow Home podcast

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October 14, 2015  

Amy Palmer-Millin gave birth to two babies during her maternity leave - her gorgeous daughter and her new business! Amy left the corporate world and founded homewares company Kookery when her daughter was only a few months old... because she wasn't busy enough, right? She generously shares the trials and tribulations of having her own business, including opening and then closing a cafe, living interstate and continually moving forward.

Listen out for Tess' baby Owen making his gorgeous baby squeaks too! 

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September 30, 2015  

Money, money, money... after a brief convo earlier in the week, Tess and Emma realised they have completely different ways of managing their family's finances. We bare all (well, all that's left after sharing our blood-filled birth stories and tales of crustified amniotic fluid) about how we deal with money when kids and partners and self-employment are thrown into the mix!

We also share what we've been reading, listening to and watching over the past fortnight, as well as our parenting Yays and Nays.  Show notes continue below!

Book: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

Book: All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

Book: The Heart Garden by Janine Burke

Book: Dress, Memory by TNN alumni Lorelei Vashti!

Podcast: No Filter (specifically the episode with sex worker Madison Missina)

Podcast: Mamamia's This Glorious Mess 

Podcast: Slate's Working podcast (specifically the Stephen Colbert episode)

This .GIF: about what happens to a woman's organs while she's pregnant

September 15, 2015  

Writer, editor, author, mum and all-round awesome lady of letters Lorelei Vashti has always been obsessed with baby names, so when it came to name her firstborn, she gave the topic a lot of thought. So much thought, in fact, that it turned into an article, which turned into a book-to-be. We discuss the fascinating topic of naming your child, specifically which of the eleventy-billion surname options to choose.

Listen to the reasons that the three of us each went different ways with our (and our kid's!) surnames, including taking the maiden name, using the father's name and a blend of the two!

Check our Lorelei's recent baby names article, her excellent book Dress Memory. 

August 17, 2015  

Rachel Power's 2008 book The Divided Heart is one of our favourite homages to the creative mother and is a treasured bedside book for many creative women. We chatted to Rachel in Emma's kitchen (complete with dishwasher noises!) about enjoying our work and feeling guilty about not feeling guilty "enough", how to prioritise creativity and artistic practice while raising kids and how it's okay to not enjoy crafting with your kids!

Rachel's book was re-released as Motherhood and Creativity in April this year, and features updated and new interviews with mothers including Clare Bowditch, Claudia Karvan, Pip Lincolne, Holly Throsby and our own alumni Lily Mae Martin. 

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July 28, 2015  

Any guest who brings us doughnuts is off to a good start, and the gorgeous Vari Longmuir did not disappoint! Vari is a mum of two boys, mentor, graphic designer and the owner of a rad Scottish accent. She met her husband in Glasgow and the pair moved to Melbourne without having ever visited here.

We chat about living away from extended family, working (or not working!) for big corporates and taking the leap to freelance life.

In this episode, we mention the business program B School. You can find Vari's at her website or on Instagram. 

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June 30, 2015  

For Episode 23 we have our most special guest ever... Tess' new baby Owen! At only four and a half weeks, Owen makes his podcast debut. If you listen carefully you'll hear his newborn snuffles and squeaks.

We chat about all the gory details of Owen's birth (including a freaky attack of hives!), how Tess is coping with two kids and childbirth in general, including the television shows BabiesCall the MidwifeThe Business of Being Born and One Born Every Minute.

June 9, 2015  

Claire McClelland was a co-founder of Culture Mamas, a Melbourne arts organisation that curated baby and child-friendly art events for parents.

Culture Mamas is now on hold (and looking for someone to take it on!) and Claire is now working at the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation and is mum to two kids. We chat about gardening with kids, avoiding isolation as a new mum, and taking kids to museums and galleries without losing your mind.

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