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August 17, 2016  

It's episode 50! And thus we celebrate by recording this episode sans-bras (but remember it's audio only, creepy internet people). As usual we criss-cross the stratosphere of topics and touch on attachment parenting, arranged marriages, polyamory, and learning about Tinder when you've been married for almost a decade. Less click-baity discussion topics include our tips for taking a "holiday" with young kids (read: doing parenting in a different place for a predetermined period of time) and how to get rid of head lice the cheap way.  

Books: Liane Moriarty's Truly, Madly, Guilty and The Hypnotist's Love Story
Book: Ann Lamott's Bird by Bird
TV show: You Can't Ask That on iView
Podcast: Malcolm Gladwell's Revisionist History
Funny article: The Ugly Volvo - The Difficulties of Trying for a Second Child
Podcast: Science Vs Attachment Parenting
Book: Alain de Botton The Course of Love