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July 12, 2016  

Emma and Tess are back this episode discussing their usual wide range of parenting topics... this time they touch on screen time rules at home (and whether or not shaming mums for using screens to entertain the kids is anti-feminist); how they discipline their preschoolers and what behaviours they're strict about; plus - importantly - who their celebrity couple idols are. Emma also has a whole cookbook to recommend after so many of you enjoyed her cheesy broccoli tip in Episode 42. Show notes as follows!

Celebrity couple idol: The Obamas Plus Impossibly Cute Photos of Barack Obama With Kids
Article: ​Worrying over kids playing with phones and tablets is just another way to shame mothers by Libby Nelson
Book: The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson
App: Pocket (for saving articles online)
Book: Six Impossible Things by Fiona Wood
Book: Useful by Debra Oswald
Recipe book: Karen Martini's Everyday cookbook (specifically the meatball sub recipe!)
What would a feminist do? podcast by The Guardian
Dumbo Feather podcast
Watching: Orange is the New Black Season 4